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BoReTT’s mission is to put Hungary back on the global wine map. This small country in Central Europe has a long history of winemaking — going back to the Romans — and several truly unique wine regions. 

From minerally whites made on volcanic hills to delicate reds originating in softly rolling southern valleys, every sip of Hungarian wine is a true expression of its surrounding.

At BoReTT, we represent small, boutique wineries across Hungary that are led by young and enthusiastic winemakers. Please, scroll down to see the wineries we represent.


About me

My name is Maria Antoanett Crab, founder of BoReTT.

Before launching this venture, I have worked as a sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants, both in Hungary and abroad. I’m deeply passionate about Hungarian wines and look forward to sharing with you my favorite selections.

I would be happy to show you my assortment. Please, feel free to contact me for joining the Hungarian Wine Journey.


Meet the winemaker – Episode 3

Biodynamic grape growing and natural winemaking is getting more and more attention across the world. Susann and Ralf, the winemakers and owners of the Wassmann Winery, make wonderful wines 100% organically, enhancing the special features of the grape varieties and the local geology and climate that is found in Villány.

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Meet the winemaker – Episode 2

The stunning view from the Bussay Winery tells us a lot why this winery is so special. It is located in a valley near the Mura river. The sediment of Mura (resulting in a mix of gravel, clay, limestone and calcareous soil ) and the special, nearly semi-Mediterranean microclimate gives

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Meet the winemaker – Episode 1

Somlói Vándor Winery is located on the beautiful hills of an old volcano in Somló. Kiss Tamás, the winemakers, captures the vivid minerality and acidity in his wines, showing the stunning terroir of this region. His wines are complex and elegant, featuring Hungarian grape varieties, such as Hárslevelű, Juhfark and

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